Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guess Who's Getting a Raise!

If you said I am, you're wrong. If you said you are, you might also be wrong, but since I don't know where you work I can't say for sure.

But if you said the federal officials who haven't passed a budget in three years and are currently about to let a combination of expiring tax cuts and drunken sailor spending put a serious damper on a sluggish and anemic recovery, possibly creating another recession?

You'd be right.

You might say that the actual increases are small. But so what? The presence of any increase whatsoever, following such across-the-board dismal performances, is proof that among the many words one may use to describe Washington politcians, "logical" does not appear.


philip vm said...

actually, i say raise their salaries by 400%. then tell 'em they can't take another dime from anyone else: no speaking fees, no "paid informational trips," no lunches paid for by lobbyists. nothin'. tell 'em also that, once their time in congress is up, they may not work for any company they've had either direct or indirect dealings with. then put an actual limit on campaign spending, so they can spend their time doing their jobs, and not raising money.

any other problems i can fix? (heh heh.)

Friar said...

If only it didn't depend on them to pass the laws that would make that possible ;-)

Probably ought to bracket off some of their stock buys, too. I read a story a couple of years ago that during the 90s, the average senator outperformed the stock market by 12%, about twice what folks in the corporate leadership arena managed.