Saturday, January 26, 2013

Broken Windows?

So you may have read that the Sacramento Kings are going to be bought by a group of folks from Seattle, who are going to move the NBA team to that city so they can have the team they've been whining about losing since their previous team moved to Oklahoma City.

Among the buyers are, apparently, some folks who help run Microsoft, or at least folks who made a lot of money from the software giant, and at least one California legislator is a little steamed. While he does not actually say, "Dis is a nice little business you got here. Be a shame if anything were, you know? Do you smell smoke? I smell smoke," he definitely captures the tone quite well.

I don't think this will end well for the California legislature if it gets pushed too far. For one, I don't know that Microsoft founder Bill Gates rides horses, rendering that tactic inapplicable. For another, if it comes down to lawyers and money (sometimes known as a "2/3 Zevon"), Gates is a man who really does have a dollar for every time someone called him a nerd, and then some. California? Not so much.

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