Saturday, February 9, 2013

Message Understood?

Scientists who work with the Mars rover Curiosity have found what looks like a shiny piece of metal sticking out of a rock. Both of the rover's mast cameras have taken its picture, which means it can be viewed in 3D, but the tiny object mystifies NASA scientists. Leading guesses at this point are some mineral that is harder in substance than its surroundings, leaving it exposed when those surroundings eroded away. The shininess could be a result of the mineral's structure or composition, but only more study can offer more clues.

Tars Tarkas, Jeddak of Thark, released the following statement: "We have offered an exchange of metal to the strange mechanism from Jasoom as a sign that the mighty Tharks would have peace with these visitors of another world. But should they not desire peace, they shall find that the blades of a thousand thousand green warriors await but the bidding of their Jeddak to leap from their scabbards as the fierce banth does leap upon its prey, nor shall they rest until they or every enemy gasps out his life upon the ground. I, Tars Tarkas, have spoken!"

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