Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Soda Illogic

Students at Yale University are smart enough to have an average SAT score of better than 2200 on the three-test model. They are smart enough for more than 95% of them to be in the top 10% of their high school graduating classes. They are smart enough to have 223 Rhodes Scholars since the program began in 1903, more than any other American university except Harvard and 24 ahead of third-place Princeton. They are smart enough, according to a Yale University senior who writes for the school paper, to recognize statements from a "Big Soda" spokesperson as "tripe."

But they are not smart enough, according to that same senior, to decide for themselves not to drink the unhealthy carbonated beverages and support the evil corporations making money by contributing to the obesity problem of our nation. So the college should ban soda vending machines and not dispense it at on-campus dining rooms and eating places.

I think someone should have taken a course that offered the definition of "mutually contradictory statements."

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