Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Show That Never Ends? Reloaded

In which we meet a new character, who calls our protagonist for his service visit on Wednesday afternoon and while asking if anyone can meet him at the house, finds and reads out loud the notation on the call sheet, "Can't meet in afternoon," and tells our protagonist that he will cancel the call and note it down for Thursday.

And in which we will meet a fourth character, Third Technician on Phone, who is called Thursday afternoon to see if there is a problem with the service visit since none has been made during the entire day that the protagonist has stayed home and the end of the business day is approaching, and who says, "The call slip says Friday and it needs to be in the morning, is that right?" and who also says "I'm very sorry, sir" many times, as though it is an incantation that will somehow erase the substandard and indifferent service Cable One has provided.

And who, it should be noted, greets the protagonist's question, "Can you give me a single reason why I shouldn't be a customer of another company right now?" with silence.


Todd Bergman said...

Sure glad there aren't any pesky kids on your lawn today.

Elizabeth said...

That is appalling, but not really surprising.

I dare you to have a piece of furniture delivered to your house by those unnamed brothers at 3434 West Reno.

Friar said...

Elizabeth -- no, I'd just be tempting fate with that one.

Todd -- On the one hand, the yard's so frickin' big I'd never see them. On the other, I'm right in front of the early childhood center for the school, so any kids on my lawn already have people looking for them.