Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Show that Never Ends?

Scene 1: Interior; study. A MAN is on the phone:

Man: Then I'll need someone to come fix the modem?
Technician on Phone: Yes, it's definitely a problem with the signal coming in. I actually have a spot open for a technician tonight.
Man: I have a meeting tonight from 5:30 to 6:30.
ToP: All I have tomorrow are all-day slots.
Man: I'm not available from 10 to 3; I can't get home then.
ToP: Well, you can call when you get home and then they can schedule a service call.
Man: OK.

Scene 2: Next day. MAN is on the phone again:

Man: Yes, I need to schedule a service call for my modem and TV. I'm not getting any Internet and my TV reception is not clear.
Second Technician on Phone: Have you checked out the connections?
Man: Yes, I called yesterday and the service person walked me through the troubleshooting and saw it was defnitely a problem with the signal coming into the house. She said to call when I was back home so I could schedule a technician.
SToP: I'm afraid I don't have any service slots open for this afternoon. Can you be home tomorrow?
Man: Well, only in the morning. I have church activities all afternoon and I can't get back until after 7.
SToP: We try to have our technicians finish before 5. I'm sorry, we only have the all-day slots; I can't reserve specific times. They can call you when they're on the way and say when they're coming.
Man: I understand, but I can't leave during the activities in the afternoon, no matter whether they call me or not.
SToP: Well, I can put that you'd prefer morning, but they can't guarantee that.
Man: That's fine, but if they call in the afternoon I can't meet them; it's not just "prefer." You might as well tell them if they are calling in the afternoon to go ahead and get another call, and I'll just call Thursday.
SToP: I'm sorry, all we have on Thursday is all-day.
Man: Well, we'll try that, and if it doesn't work I'll call to tell them when to come pick up their equipment.

Cable One Television: We'll repair our malfunctioning equipment at our earliest convenience, regardless of your schedule, and any lost service days won't cost you a dollar less on your monthly bill!

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