Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tread Lightly

You know, reporter Bob Woodward has sometimes been said to embellish his stories and even to have made up facts and interviews. So when he says he felt that an e-mail response to his questions of a White House official was a "veiled threat," it's hard to know for sure if he was exaggerating. Or even if he wasn't, it's not easy to determine from the language of the e-mail exactly what the response from the official was intended to mean.

But if Woodward's right, that's one incredibly dumb senior White House official. Ask any living Nixon administration official how good an idea it is to be on the wrong side of Bob Woodward. I'd imagine deliberately ticking him off could only be worse than that.

Someone may have stepped in a pile of doo-doo that he or she may quickly find is quite a bit more than ankle deep.

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