Friday, January 17, 2014

Bag o'Grab

-- Dizzy Dean is supposed to have said, "If you can do it, it ain't braggin'." Minnesota eighth-grader Easton Gamoke sank a full-court last second shot to win a game. When the TV crew came to interview him, he did it again.

-- Popeye hits 85, and still nobody knows what he's saying under his breath.

-- Kirsten Powers points out that "no protest" zones used to keep anti-abortion protesters away from clinics could very easily be used to silence enviromental protests at a company headquarters, anti-war protests at a military base and so on. You'd think somebody smart might have told the Massachusetts legislature that could happen, but legislators try to avoid smart people because they make them uneasy.

-- I'm already nervous enough about the vacation I helped pay for, ABC. I don't want to tick off the most powerful man in the free world any more, thank you very much.

-- The Atlantic offers a guide to spotting a narcissist online. I would have thought it would be pretty easy; it's someone who puts stuff online and doesn't get paid for it...hey, waitaminute.

-- A study shows that using a red plate can help you reduce your foot portions as a part of a plan to lose weight. I think reducing the load so that you can tell what color your plate is might be a big help too.

-- To really be patient takes a satellite: After 10 years and several million miles, the European probe Rosetta will wake up and make ready to rendezvous with an asteroid to study it. In November, it will land a probe on the asteroid to take samples. I think Rosetta's a little on the shy side.

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