Saturday, February 15, 2014


Not sure where I come out on this one. Anders Breivik, the waste of a perfectly good colon who killed 77 people at a Norwegian summer camp in 2011, has threatened a hunger strike if the amenities of his imprisonment are not improved -- including the replacement of his PS2 game system with a modern PS3.

On the one hand, although I am opposed to the death penalty (and yes, Mr. Breivik tests my opposition mightily), I cannot find any regret in me were Mr. Breivik to take himself off the count in this rather uncomfortable manner. On the other hand, the idea of Mr. Brievik being strapped down while a feeding tube is jammed down his gullet -- or more fittingly, while a 250-lb Norwegian prison guard sits on his chest and each day crams a pound of lutefisk into the same and minds not the effect of his efforts on Mr. Breivik's dentition -- has a notable appeal.

I suppose either way, the real victory will come when we may relegate Mr. Breivik to history and then the oblivion of an unmarked grave.

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