Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Question, If I May...

That question is not, "Does The Daily Caller overwrite both the headline and the impact of a recent NASA-funded study on the story "NASA-funded study: The way to save Western civilization from collapse is communism?" Because the answer to that is obviously, "Yes." As far as I can tell, the study nowhere uses the labels communism or Marxism. Its call for a more egalitarian ethos in a society so that resources are not hoarded by a few can be answered by a variety of social structures other than communism. My own outfit offers such a one in the second chapter of the book of Acts, for example.

No, the question is what in the world is NASA doing funding a study on the economic factors that feed into the collapse of societies and/or civilizations? Its initials, for reference, stand for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Unless I've missed it -- and trust me, I am among the nerd corps that would be very much likely not to miss this -- we have no civilization in space at this time. In fact, the only things NASA puts in space these days can't form a society or a civilization because NASA can't put people in orbit, and people are currently a required ingredient to form a civilization -- although there is no guarantee that they will do so.

If we traded walking on Mars for this, then I want to talk to whomever was doing the bargaining on our end and sell him or her some astral property to which I will have title, just as soon as I can print it out. Idiots.

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CGHill said...

Personally, I think they should swap NASA and the EPA: EPA can spend a lifetime looking for carbon dioxide on the moon, and NASA can load all the endangered species into a capsule and shoot it into the sun. (On the second try, maybe.)