Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Look at the World

Some more fantastic photography, this time from several photographers who've taken pictures in Iceland (which, in the country's native language, means "island," and not "land of ice").

The page is in Russian, which your browser can probably translate well enough for the picture labels even if the introductory text is a little strange. Most of the pictures have also been a little enhanced with photo software, it looks to me, but they're still spectacular.

These three look as much like covers from a fantasy novel series as they do photos of actual places:

And even though it's the wrong mythology for the area, this one would make a great illustration for one of the old stories about Vulcan (if you're Roman) or Hephaestus (if you're Greek):

Note: I reduced the picture size uploaded to this page because I'm just copying; the original work at the links is where you should look for the real thing.

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