Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cost Benefit

Every now and again I still read something worth the time at Big Hollywood. John Nolte, who sees the oncoming death of packaged cable television sometime soon, notes the news that starting in 2016, Netflix will stream a talk show with Chelsea Handler. Ms. Handler recently announced her E! Network show Chelsea Lately will end not soon enough. Although he is also not a fan of Ms. Handler, Nolte compares the prices between Netflix's streaming and cable television's offerings:
Ratings already prove that people would rather watch a whole list of late night hosts not named Chelsea Handler, but if Chelsea is there for $7.99 a month, is that good enough compared to a Jimmy at $99.99 a month?
I would have to answer no. You would in fact need to pay me closer to $500 a month to watch Ms. Handler -- more if you wanted me to do it with the sound on and still more if I had to do it more than once in that month.

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