Saturday, July 26, 2014

Item: Car Insurance Spokeslizard Disappears

Authorities have said they have few leads in the disappearance of the famous Gecko spokeslizard for the GEICO insurance company, whose whereabouts have been unknown since Thursday. In a bid to try to enlist public help in tracking down the diminutive pitch-reptile, police have revealed one piece of information they believe to be significant, although they have not discussed what that significance may be.

"We found a laptop computer with this page from The Washington Post on the screen," a police spokesman said. "Other evidence suggests the resident exited the dwelling in an extreme hurry; there were several insects prepared for a meal left on the table and a DVD of the 2007 sitcom Cavemen was still in the player."

In an apparently unrelated item, the SpaceX commercial spaceflight company refused to confirm or deny that its Falcon 9 spacecraft is also missing.

(H/T Musings from Brian J. Noggle)

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