Monday, October 6, 2014

Beyond the Scope

I responded to a phone poll from a local state senate campaign, because it was a push-button answer arrangement and just about 10 questions or so.

But now I'm confused, because I don't understand what an election to a state legislature has to do with what religion I think the President is, whether or not he is effective in leading the nation against terrorism and whether his health care reform initiative has been a plus or a minus.

For the record, I believe he's a Christian, that he has not been effective at leading us in that struggle (or in much else) and that his initiative was not really a reform and that it has been and will continue to be a minus.

What that has to do with who represents this part of the state in a crumbling capitol building and state political leadership that has at best one adult in the room when the heads of the executive and legislative branches gather together is beyond me. Maybe I'm just a low-information voter.

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