Thursday, October 9, 2014

Grab Bag With a Fisheye Lens

-- The passing of Jan Hooks prompted me to look at a list of the Saturday Night Live cast members over the years. Other than Cheri Oteri, she was about the last funny female cast member on the show. And after her, Darrell Hammond may have been about the last funny cast member on the show, male or female.

-- Another HuffPo TV post I saw when I was looking at the Jan Hooks post was that Chelsea Handler, in an interview, listed some of the people she disliked talking to when she was doing her E! Network talk show, Chelsea Lately. The item did not list which guests disliked talking to her; I am presuming that list is described with either one or three words.*

-- The post title is taken from the first new Homestar Runner cartoon in several years. It's a Strong Bad music video in which he describes how he make a homemade rap video by using a simple photographic device.

-- A friend posted a picture on Facebook which suggested that Mars was inhabited solely by robots. I checked in with Tars Tarkas; he just chuckled and said something like, "You crazy Jasoomians."

*Those would be either "everyone" (one word) or "all of them" (three words).


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