Monday, November 10, 2014

Elegant, Yet Unnecessary

At this link, one may find explained a way of telling the temperature using crickets, an idea most people first encountered on the sitcom Big Bang Theory. It involves careful observation and is based on a number of interesting biological phenomena. Yet it has a weakness, in that it relies on counting the cricket's chirps -- one of that annoying insect's most annoying features. So I propose a method which will be almost as accurate but much quieter:

1) Look at a thermometer.

2) Kill the damn cricket.


fillyjonk said...


I will say - though this may be some kind of feeble attempt to assert some kind of hipster cred - I knew this method as a kid, long before any of the actors and such on the show were even born.

It's actually not a great method because crickets often hide out in cooler and damper places than the actual temperature humans experience....

Friar said...

All the more reason to kill them.