Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Needed Advice

There are, for some reason, a spate of articles at different web magazines about how to talk to relatives whose politics differ from yours, while you are required to be in close proximity to them during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Personally, I'm thinking that if the only time you talk to each other enough for politics to come up is when you're at home for the holiday then you may have some other stuff going on besides political differences. And I don't know why it takes a bunch of web articles to say, "I'm not talking about this now" or "I don't think this is going to go anywhere so I'm bowing out."

It's not that I agree with everything everyone in my family believes. But they're grownups and I play one on TV, so we can all leave it at that and remember Grandma or listen to what the kids did or something else that doesn't have anything to do with politics. Those idiots take up enough time already.

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