Wednesday, December 31, 2014

School Positions Available; Common Sense Not Required

A entry at Reason's "Hit and Run" blog details a top -- or maybe bottom -- 10 list of zero-tolerance overreactions in our nation's public schools for 2014. It's probably safe to compile the list even though the entry is dated two days before 2014 actually ends, because schools are not in session at this time. But the ingenuity of these people in being clueless morons is surprising, and they may yet exceed themselves in the 12 hours that remains of the year as I write this.

Sometimes people forward these to me with a question "Why would anyone put their kid in one of these places?" I understand the feeling, and see why these and other incidents prompt parents to opt for private education when possible. The chance that an ordinary kid in the course of an ordinary day could do something that might very well be a mistake and wind up a sacrifice on the altar of that grim gray god of lawyer-sanitized, teachers-union-approved Zero Tolerance Education Policy is something they don't want to risk.

But I'd also have to wonder why anyone who wanted to be a teacher would go to one of these places either.

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