Friday, January 23, 2015

Big Ol' Pot of Pourri

-- Well, I was saddened to learn that beetroot juice does not improve blood flow to the muscles and enhance the benefits of working out. Not that I ever intended to drink any; its just that now I have one less excuse of why my workouts aren't helping me lose weight as fast as they might and may be forced to deal with the reality that keeping French fries on my menu probably isn't helping.

-- With Skymall declaring bankruptcy, those hunting for bizarre or unnecessary items at inflated prices will be forced to use Publisher's Clearing House or Hammacher Schlemmer. The latter has a catalog, which can be taken on an airplane to simulate the Skymall experience.

-- Former journalist Scott Timberg wrote a book called Culture Crash that asserts a "winner take all" mindset and the internet are killing the ability of the "creative class" to create art, literature, philosophy, and so on. Writer Andrew Keen isn't so sure. Neither am I. Can an industry booting about the idea of an eighth Saw horror movie really be called "creative?"

-- At last, James Patterson has written a book that is literally a bomb instead of merely figuratively one.

-- A company has produced a watch which is supposed to improve your golf game. In addition to telling the time, it can display diagrams of holes on more than 38,000 golf courses around the world, including an icon showing you were you are when you hit your ball. Sounds good, but unless the watch can replace me with Jack Nicklaus circa 1970 (or heck, circa 2015), I don't see much chance of improving the game...


fillyjonk said...

I like beets and even I wouldn't drink beetroot juice.

Also, I've heard, from medical types, that consuming too much beet juice can cause temporary paralysis of the vocal chords and the person cannot speak for at least several hours.

(Hm. Maybe we need to turn politicians on to beetroot cocktails...)

Friar said...

Serve it at the Capitol cafeteria.