Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Student Recruitment

Well, it's national signing day for America's college students. Around the country, physics and chemistry departments unveiled lab coats embroidered with the names of the 1600-level SAT scores they secured for their school. Business schools blanketed the news media with the glossy brochures detailing the six-figure startups already founded by their incoming freshmen. Philosophy departments revealed the library study nooks reserved for their brainiest new students. Colleges everywhere reaffirmed their mission of education and intellectual inquiry by highlighting the best and brightest the world's high schools have produced.

Nah, I'm kidding. It was all about football.

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fillyjonk said...

Ah, man, you kind of captured my feeling about the whole thing.

I watched the local "signings" on tv and hoped that at least a few of the students are decent human beings and not ego cases. (I've had a few athletes in my classes. Some have been decent human beings and good students, others have been egos masquerading as humans... and honestly, I can work better with a not-great-student who is a decent human being than I can with someone who gets good grades but is a jerk to the other people in the class...)