Monday, February 16, 2015


This writer at Forces of Geek suggests what a person should really do if he or she is gifted with the abilities and resources attributed to Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman.

The upshot is that Batman's decision to don cape and cowl, create fantastic gadgetry and pursue a one-man obsessive war against crime in Gotham City does not maximize those abilities and resources. The writer lists four things that he could choose to do that would have a better impact on Gotham's crime rates than polishing off thugs with a well-aimed Bat-boot to the head.

He is probably right. Any of the four suggestions at the link would be wise choices. The problem is the one he leaves out, the fifth course of action that would accompany any of the others: Be boring. Be really, really frickin' boring.

Because I have it on the authority of numerous internet memes that if one has the option of being Batman, one should always be Batman.


Todd Bergman said...


On number 1, we see how well that worked out for Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

On number 2, if number 1 is the bigger problem then why waste money on number 2. Also, Obamacare.

Number 3 has some merit to produce some change. Until you remember that Thomas Wayne was doing that and look where that got him.

Number 4 has the potential to be less boring. And since the media and progressive idealism seems so keen on militarization of the local law enforcement AND there is a general attitude that police should have much more latitude in handling potential threats, I see this being a HUGE success.

Friar said...

Yes -- I surmised the writer was very young.