Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Well-Told Tale

Blogger Ana Marie Cox, who founded the snarky political blog Wonkette, published an essay in The Daily Beast about why she has publicly acknowledged herself a Christian. It is wonderfully written and is an excellent confession of how one may come to affirm Christ as savior, and how that affirmation alone is the core of beginning a life following him.

Her words are cause for rejoicing, and so I do.

Note: Wonkette is a political and media commentary blog. In 2004 it revealed the identity of the blogger behind Washingtonienne, another blog in which a congressional staffer claimed to have had sex for money. The writer of that blog is not Cox, but a woman named Jessica Cutler. I write this because it seems like some of the commentary on the matter does not recognize the difference between the two blogs and that they were written and managed by two different women.

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