Thursday, March 19, 2015

How Much Stock Did Woodstock Stock?

A little item at Pricenomics shows how much it's believed each performer at Woodstock was paid for their set on the show, as well as what that fee might be translated into 2015 dollars.

As you might expect, Jimi Hendrix got the top fee of $18,000, which would place him as the only Woodstocker netting six figures if he was being paid today. And as the item at Pricenomics notes, about 90 percent of the festival goers had left by the time Hendrix came on Monday morning (believe it or not, some of the sets did not run on schedule).

The article notes a couple of things about some other bands, such as how Joe Cocker's scorching "With a Little Help From My Friends" helped announce him as a performer and create a version of the song that's almost as definitive as the original Beatles' version. And how Carlos Santana, a relative unknown when he was originally signed for $750 (just under $4,800 today), probably left the stage as an act who could command much, much more than that.

But this gander at the paycheck list at least finally answers Country Joe's question about what he's fighting for.

(H/T Yeah Right)

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