Monday, March 23, 2015

The Bag of the Pot and the Pourri

-- So Los Angeles thought it would improve its citizens' health by banning the construction of fast-food restaurants in certain areas. In a Shocking Surprise, it didn't work. Part of the problem was that the ban only affected free-standing restaurant construction, so new fast-food joints could open in other buildings as much as they wanted. And part of the problem was that Angelenos, who drive everywhere, have no real issue with hitting the drive-thru at a restaurant outside their neighborhood. Since even nanny-state city politicians realize a border-to-border ban on all fast-food places would help nobody but the lawyers, they enacted a ban that was a predictable failure. Why that didn't stop them in the first place is something known only to another elected official. Thank heavens!

-- Authenticity may be overrated. It does seem that many who lay the loudest claims to could be said to it be trying to compensate for a lack of talent (H/T Dustbury)

-- You know, every now and again I have wondered if I was an unwitting character in someone else's story, a la The Truman Show. But I don't think I've gotten as specific about it as the folks at The Toast, who have given us some clues to see if we are in a Shakespearean comedy. Now I'm a little concerned, because I am indeed beloved of many shepherdesses and have been for some time.

-- Spider-Man or Batman can stop their fall and spin it into a leap to safety. You and I can't.

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