Monday, March 30, 2015

What Price Victory?

Well, Eastern Michigan University wouldn't know, nor would Idaho University, as the two medium-sized schools are 6-30 over three seasons and 5-42 over four seasons, respectively. But as this item at The Sports Economist notes, they know that they'll get paid a cool $1.3 million to get their collective heads caved in by the University of Missouri in the next couple of years as they will host the Tigers in 2016 and 2017.

This isn't like the old Big Eight days in which Iowa State had to man up and take their whuppin' because they were in the same conference as Nebraska and Oklahoma -- Missouri is SEC, Eastern Michigan is Mid-America Conference and Idaho is Sun Belt. The administrators at Eastern Michigan and Idaho have more or less said to their student-athletes, "Yes, we know you will lose, lose badly, look lousy and maybe even get hurt by this bigger, faster and stronger team. But we're raking in seven figures off of your misery, so suit up, shut up and show up."

In-state, Southeast Missouri will play the Tigers twice over the next four years and collect $810,000, and Missouri State will have the privilege of journeying to Columbia for their beating and will earn $400,000 for the experience.

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