Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pass It On

A young woman at the fitness center here in our town stepped onto the treadmill next to me and I thought I recognized her as one of the local high school women's basketball team. They did not have a good year (two wins), which was really tough on their seniors, who had enjoyed three years of postseason play until now.

Since our church has a player on the young men's team (They did a little better), I have seen most of both teams' home games, and I was impressed with how the young ladies carried themselves during a really hard year. They kept playing, they didn't complain, they weren't ugly to each other on the court and they obviously tried every time they stepped out to play. I thought, if this young woman was one of the team members, I should say something about what kind of class they demonstrated. Turns out she was one of the players. I said, "I thought you guys did a great job holding up in a hard year and showed really good character, and I wanted to tell you all that." "Well, thanks! I appreciate that," she said.

The character judgment may have been accurate. Although I was somewhat dismayed at how slow my treadmill speed was compared with hers.

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