Friday, May 22, 2015

It Just Came to Mind

I went to college too long ago for this report about the perks that university presidents get for it to include either of the men who served in that job during my undergraduate tenure.

But since I just made my monthly offering on the altar of Sallie Mae (now called "Navient" for some reason that I am sure I got an e-mail about, written by someone whose position is partially funded by said monthly offerings and yet whom I cannot fire, demote or direct to do something more useful than change names and send annoying e-mails), I felt like posting it.

I'll also remember it the next time our state's flagship university presidents come before our legislature, wearing their best Dickensian orphan faces but traveling in late-model luxury sedans paid for and driven by someone else, to ask for a funding increase even though state revenue is projected to fall about $600 million below last year's figures.

'Cause those mooches do fall under the survey time frame...

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