Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Take Me Out...

Some observations on attending today's mid-day contest between the Oklahoma City Dodgers and the Colorado Springs Sky Sox:

-- Day baseball is perhaps the best sporting event ever conceived in the mind of humankind. I've always had a little interest in attending that outdoor game the NHL stages every winter, and one day I'd like to take in a match at Centre Court in Wimbledon, but baseball outdoors in the sunshine is truly from the thoughts of God.

-- OK, I exaggerate a little. But it's still darn cool.

-- The young lady behind me was of an age where one does not last long watching a baseball game, and sometime in the bottom half of the first inning she began whining her desire to return home, to go to Dallas and go swimming (?), to have stayed home and not come, to have ice cream, and three or four other alternative activities I have forgotten. Since she punctuated her statements by kicking the seat in front of her -- which was coincidentally the seat I occupied -- I was on her side and was not far off from offering to find whatever adult had so wronged her by bringing her here and convincing him or her remove her forthwith; said adult apparently being seated away from this group of children. Fortunately her captors came with her parole and did remove her. I hope they skipped the ice cream, though, as she seemed a young person who could do with a bit less of it and a bit more of those alternative activities.

-- Although school is out for the summer, there were several children's groups taking advantage of the daytime game from different daycares, YMCAs, church day schools and such. I will give you three guesses as to what happened when the big screen "DodgerTube" display between innings showed Princess Elsa singing "Let It Go."

-- Apparently nobody hits .300 any more.

-- Equally apprently, there's not a lot of pitching at the AAA level of the Los Angeles Dodgers or Milwaukee Brewers organizations. The Brewers' Sky Sox affiliate gave up three runs in the second and two in the fifth, while the Dodgers gave up two in the first and four in the ninth. With two outs. To lose the game. Oh well. The worst baseball game I ever attended was better than not attending one.

-- Yes, Dr. H, I remembered my sunscreen.

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