Friday, July 31, 2015

Words + More Words!

At So Bad So Good, there is a list of 100 English words the writers think are particularly lovely and they suggest they should be used more often.

I think that would be kind of neat myself. I confess I have been rather desultory (#14) in expanding my vocabulary, but on the other hand I have sometimes a propinquity (#76) to get rather high-handed whenever I employ pollysyllables. As I often find such an attitude untoward (#96) for one in my profession and for the halcyon (#40) air I wish to project, I eschew (not on the list; picked it myself) those words for others.

Well, that was an experiment of great felicity (#33), which I hope shall not be too fugacious (#36).


Jennifer James McCollum said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing that!!

Friar said...

Happy to entertain! Appreciate the comment.