Saturday, July 11, 2015

...You Are the Branches

New Zealander Brian Cox, who spent a lot of his life traveling the world and enjoying the architecture he found there, decided that his back yard needed a church. So since he was a landscaper, he grew one. He transplanted several kinds of trees around an iron frame and created a small chapel whose walls and roofs are living trees and whose floor is a well-manicured lawn.

Cox originally intended to just enjoy the tree church himself, but it has become a venue and he opens it twice a week for visitors. Couples may also schedule it for their weddings, even though that means quite a bit of work from the meticulous Cox to make sure it meets his standards of appearance.

The altar and the pews are not live trees or grass. but everything else that makes up the church is. Which would be a plus if there were a congregation meeting and worshiping there regularly. There would be absolutely no way to have a church split over the color of the carpet.

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