Saturday, March 12, 2016

...That You (Digitally) Weave so Well

A government official in Malaysia has warned people against posting selfies online, particularly on social media sites. The problem?

"Bomoh" or local shamans have used the images to work black magic against people and curse them via those photos. The official, who works with Malaysia's computer and digital security department, said that the bomoh may have obtained wifi capability and used the broadband signals to transmit their spells. Such spells are apparently data heavy and could not travel over the old 56K modems.

On the one hand, this is obviously kind of silly -- unless you friend the bomoh on Facebook, then how will they see pictures you post of yourself as long as you keep them marked private?

On the other hand, the Trump candidacy makes a lot more sense if you invoke evil spells.

(H/T Dustbury)


Todd Bergman said...

It is about time we got around to some good old fashioned technomancy.

Friar said...

Where Trump's concerned I consider it more likely "fecromancy," but yes, it's definitely time for someone to see through this whole magic internet box business.