Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Full Experience

Villanova University canceled classes today, the day after a thrilling buzzer-beater gave it the championship of the 2016 NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Tournament.

Many folks said it just made sense -- students celebrating the victory into the not-so-wee hours of the morning probably would have skipped class anyway. Or at the very least displayed limited functionality. It's possible some professors might have been in the same fix.

Personally, I think the administration decided to allow the entire student body to get a brief taste of what life is like for many student-athletes. They're in school to service the school's entertainment division and make it a bunch of money. Class takes second place to that need and is important only as much as it contributes to it. Now all of the kids can feel that way, at least for a day.


Todd Bergman said...

You should put a "Cranky Grumpy Old Guy" notice on posts like this.

Friar said...

I thought the header picture made that clear ;-)