Thursday, May 12, 2016

Don't Ever Change

The International Olympic Committee has shown it doesn't care about what happens to the people in some of the dictatorships to which it awards the free PR blitz of the Olympic Games.

Last summer, the New York Times pointed out that the IOC doesn't care much that its 2016 venue for swimming and boating events is much more of a cesspool than a regular pool, and so it's kind of shruggy about whether or not its own athletes would have been better off if they'd trained with Andy Dufresne.

So now the IOC has been warned that the Zika virus epidemic in Rio hasn't been contained and that a fully reliable treatment hasn't been developed. So maybe it's not a good idea to send a half a million possible new disease vectors into a viral zone and the games should maybe be postponed or moved.

Nah, says the IOC. They'll continue to "closely monitor" the situation to make sure everything's OK. Which is probably true, if by "closely monitor" you mean "stay in a sealed room with canned air and bottled water from the United States."

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