Friday, September 23, 2016

Blow-Up Pub!

Bounce houses and games at kids' parties are common and a lot of fun. Adults may join in, but there haven't always been similar things for them.

There are now, as Boston-based The Paddy Wagon Pub will rent you an inflatable Irish pub in which you may hold your lawn party or gathering. A larger version will hold 80 people but there are also smaller ones. They'll also provide proper Irish food and, of course, proper Irish beverages, if you are of age. It doesn't say on the company's website, but I imagine the catering part of the deal is limited to areas near Boston itself.

Should you be a wee bit outside the area, you can actually buy your own inflatable pub from the outfit in Ireland that makes them. Of course, then you have to provide your own food and beverages.

Although it's doubtless a fun venue for a lawn party or event, there are some things about the inflatable version of the pub that just aren't the same as the real thing. For example, they have no real floor and just rest on the ground. Which means passing out face first because one's consumption of said authentic beverages was just a bit, ah, enthusiastic is not nearly as painful in the blow-up pub. This could be a plus.

But on the down side, some forms of traditional pub entertainment are not advisable. Dart games, for example, are strongly discouraged. And it's best not to let local law enforcement have a breathalyzer anywhere near the deflate valve after the party's over.

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