Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lux et Veritas Day Care Center

Often when we read of something happening on a college campus these days it seems like it's some goofball professor saying something that makes you wonder why any parents would let their kids go anywhere near these places.

But then we see some of the extended video where a group of students closes in around a professor and shouts at him under the mistaken impression that they are communicating thoughts though they demonstrate no thinking whatsoever. At one of this country's most prestigious, academically nose-in-the-air infinitely smarter-than-thou institutions.

And you're left wondering why anyone who wants to be a scholar would go anywhere near these places.

In church mission planning, we are often told to ask our people what our communities would be like if our church disappeared tomorrow. What would be missed if we were not here? Asking that same question of Yale University once upon a time would have produced a legion of answers, but that number is shrinking and lately it seems there's no guarantee that its approach to zero will remain asymptotic.

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