Sunday, November 13, 2016


This picture at the Astronomy Picture of the Day site shows about one degree of view of the sky, photographed by Juan Lozano de Haro. If you do click on the link, you will note the spiral galaxy NGC 891 in the upper right, which looks like it is about an inch long on my computer screen.

It's actually so large that if you were at one end of it and turned on your SuperDuperBright flashlight, people on the other end wouldn't see it for 100,000 years. This makes it roughly equal to our own Milky Way galaxy in size, and it has an estimated 400 billion stars. It's so far away that if we aimed our ExtraSuperDuperBright flashlight at it, no one in it would notice for about thirty million years.

So while I definitely think Donald Trump is a twerp and a half, sights like this make it tough to get too bent out of shape about his election.

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fillyjonk said...

Makes me think of this:

That show was even smarter than people gave it credit for.