Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Loco Logos?

One of the great things about minor league baseball teams is that they have some really interesting logos. Often the team names have some local flavor or connection, and they are generally far more inventive than some of the major league clubs. Like the Fayetteville Swampdogs of the Coastal Plain League, for example.

Here's some random logos picked out and made fun of, in several cases deservedly so --  that Daytona Cubs logo looks like it was dated before it was ever introduced (the team is now the Daytona Tortugas and sports a somewhat less rad logo). The Michigan Battle Cats indeed seem like they would be more at home yelling "It's morphin' time!" instead of play ball, and team members are probably relieved that they now play for the Great Lakes Loons.

Were I a Winnipeg Goldeyes fan, I am not sure I could buy an item with the team mascot on it, as I would be afraid that my T-shirt would eat me in my sleep.

The state's two minor league squads are OK as far as names go, with the AA club having the local color of being the Tulsa Drillers and the AAA club indulging the boring habit of taking its major league partner's name and being the Oklahoma City Dodgers. North Texas hosts the Frisco RoughRiders, who sport a tubby Teddy Roosevelt for their logo. So none of these teams will present much embarrassment when seen in the coming summer.


fillyjonk said...

Or, to quote another 80s cartoon: "Battle.....battle.....BATTLECATS!" or "Battlecats! Hoooooo!"

I have to admit I love the goofy raptor.

I think somewhere I have a West Michigan Whitecaps cap I got free while on a trip up that way....

CGHill said...

The Jacksonville Suns have gone away, in favor of the, um, Jumbo Shrimp.

Friar said...

Now that's an incentive to perform well and move up.