Saturday, February 11, 2017

Or It Could Be...

This post at io9 shows what may be the look of the Klingons in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery television series.

As shown, the Klingons do not resemble pretty much any earlier version of the species, usually cast as the Federation's main antagonist in any era before Star Trek: The Next Generation. Some folks have attempted to explain how the differences can be reconciled with previous versions of Klingons, from the original series, movies and then the weird attempt to retro-fit a reason for the differences from Star Trek: Enterprise.

Of course, the most logical explanation is that the people making the show can't leave well enough alone. While Worf from ST:TNG is the best-developed Klingon character in the Trek Universe, the three best Klingon villains are Kor, Koloth and Kang (John Colicos, William Campbell and Michael Ansara, respectively). And they were good with a little face paint and fake facial hair.

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