Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Basketball Ghosts

Writing at Awful Announcing, Holly Wetzel suggests that if the upcoming Golden State-Cleveland NBA finals is not an awesome series of games, then the NBA could be in big trouble, since its current model offers little incentive for casual fans to watch games not involving their own preferred team.

I think she makes a good point about the disinterest provoked by the league's current arrangement and extensive post-season schedule, but I think she's a little optimistic about the impact of a great series. I'm probably within that "casual fan" bracket, although I really like basketball. I just think the version of the game offered by the national pro league is not all that fun to watch, and the only time it's interesting is when I care about the outcome because of being a fan of a particular team.

So whether the Warriors and the Cavaliers have a great series or not, I'm not much invested in the outcome beyond hoping that the Warriors lose again. And that's not really a reason to watch.

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