Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Flight of Fancy

Alaska Airlines has chartered a flight that will zip above the clouds to watch the coming total solar eclipse that will be seen in the United States on August 21.

They're not selling tickets, although a special giveaway next month will make two seats available to the general public. The rest of the passengers will be selected astronomers and guests.

I'd most certainly love to be on that flight. Observing an eclipse from 35,000 feet would rank up in the cool range of life experiences.

But there's something even more amazing about the flight. Something that makes it even more appealing in the days of modern air travel, which in the eyes of most people who have to do it, sucks.

Alaska Airlines will use an airliner that has 181 seat capacity, but they're limiting the passengers in order that everyone gets the chance to view the eclipse. So there will be fewer than 100 people on this 181-passenger craft, guaranteeing something rarer than a total eclipse:


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