Thursday, July 6, 2017

Not Getting It

The key factor of this story is not how Home Depot is reconsidering their dismissal of an employee who followed a kidnapper to keep an eye on his location for police.

It's not how the guy got let go because this was his second writeup in a month, meaning it was not just this particular violation of safety policy that got him canned.

Nor is it how companies create policies that mandate employees not try to thwart crimes -- which makes sense if the crime is someone in the store with a gun but not so much when they shadow the criminal from a distance at the suggestion of the police dispatcher.

No, the key factor is that someone to whom Home Depot pays money was dumb enough to fire a guy who helped stop a child abduction. Policy, shmolicy -- if I'm a manager, I'm letting this one slide because even Bashir Assad recognizes what a bad move it is, PR-wise, to fire a guy who helped stop a child abduction. Perhaps the wrong employee's status is being reviewed.

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