Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Care Not Had

Neil Paine at Fivethirtyeight outlines how the Golden State Warriors are playing games with the National Basketball Association salary cap in order to stock players that will increase their immense chances of winning another NBA title.

I'm looking forward to when this detonates in the face of the millionaires who've thrown the rule book out the window along with their checkbook balances. The NBA already puts a product on the floor that's not worth watching unless you have an interest in one of the teams playing. As the Warriors render the regular season increasingly meaningless, at some point people will quit watching the way they do when you know the end to a story you're not enjoying all that much anyway.

At least when the collapse happens we may get some competitive seasons again. The NBA playoffs include so many teams and last so long because the league knows you quit watching when your team is out, but spreading the talent around might put some of those outcomes in doubt, anyway.

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