Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Summa This, Summa That

-- It appears that in the eyes of some investors, the worthlessness of Twitter is more than metaphorical. It couldn't happen to a nicer platform that incites knee-jerk invective, gang-shaming and vile behavior hiding behind anonymity. Before you defend it, remember it is Donald Trump's primary choice for mass communication.

-- Along those lines, the Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria have released 21 of the 275 school girls they abducted in 2014. This means that a mere 30 months after lots of famous people tweeted pictures of themselves Looking Serious with a picture of the "Bring Back Our Girls" hashtag, Boko Haram has let almost 10 percent of them go. Social media activism costs nothing and accomplishes not much more than that.

-- Delta Airlines contracted with clothing designer Zac Posen to create new uniforms for Delta ticket agents, flight attendants and gate attendants. This means that the flight attendant who offers you three peanuts and a glass of water, the gate attendant who has no patience with how long it takes you to produce your boarding pass and the ticket agent who laughs when you ask why your connecting flight is seven hours late will all look really snazzy. The new uniforms won't actually go into service until 2018, which may prompt you to suspect that I will make a joke about them being delivered on a Delta flight. Consider it done.

-- There are 225 master's-degree-level programs in how to do college administration of some kind, according to a national association of school administrators. And there are 76 doctorate-level programs. The college placement office never had it so easy.

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