Sunday, June 11, 2017

Changing Times

I finally did see Wonder Woman this weekend, and found it pretty darn good. But a curious thing has happened to previews shown before the movie begins. I've always understood them as a way to whet an audience's appetite for movies to be released.

But judging from what I saw, the movie studios very much want me to skip Rough Night, Wish Upon and quite a few others. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


fillyjonk said...

saw a tv ad for "Rough Night" and I think I agree with you. They claimed it was "Funnier than 'Bridesmaids'" which probably tells me all I need to know right there. (That I'm not in their demographic, and that I wouldn't find it funny)

Friar said...

I know I'm not the target for most of the movies made anymore and so most previews just wash past me, but this set seemed designed to actively encourage disinterest. If I was face to face with one of the greenlighters for these projects, had him or her on truth serum and asked, "Why should I give you my money to see this movie?" I doubt there would be much of an answer beyond, "If you don't I'll get fired."