Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pain in the Grass

The town government of Gardendale, AL, joins the list of political bodies that needs a nice swift Gibbs slap to alert it to a reality: People who insist that teenagers pay $110 for a business license to mow yards for summer spending money are, best-case scenario, the stupidest people in three counties.

To his credit, the mayor of the town recognizes that issuing citations to kids who don't have the license would be a really good way to get his town mocked by everyone with a medulla, and says he would like to work out a way to avoid that. The real prize goes to a man with a lawn-mowing business mentioned in the story. He is supposed to have said that if he sees the granddaughter of a woman quoted in the article mowing yards for pay again, he will call the city of Gardendale and put them in the position of issuing one of those fines.

The story is second-hand and may not be true. But if it is, I suspect that gentleman is not cutting grass to earn money. He's cutting it because he's facing an IQ test and is trying to incapacitate his closest competition.

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