Friday, June 2, 2017

The View Out of the Office Window

If you're Dutch airline pilot JPC van Heijist, the view out of your office window is pretty spectacular. And you have the photography skills to share it.

Lest one be worried van Heijist is performing the aeronautical version of texting while driving, it should be noted that pilots have co-pilots who can take the wheel if they want to snap a photo. As well as auto-pilots. So he probably won't get a ticket or anything, unless he lands someplace like San Francisco or Chicago. He could draw a fine in the former because it's the kind of city government that can't let something go by without offering its advice or coercing some behavior. He would draw a fine in the latter because the city is desperately starved for money.

Unless his uncle is an alderman. Then he's off the hook.

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