Wednesday, August 2, 2017

No Sparkling Allowed

Apparently the movie Lost Boys was a bigger deal for some people than I thought, because I've seen a ton of 30-year tributes to the mullets-and-mousse vampire movie that had probably the most fun with ye olde nosferatu of any movie until Buffy and her pals showed up.

I mostly remembered it as my introduction to Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes, who joined with INXS on "Good Times," a cover song included in the movie's soundtrack. A quickie video spliced some movie scenes into an earlier performance clip of the band and Barnes playing the tune. I may be mistaken, but it's just possible the fellows had consumed some good ol' Aussie lager or similar beverage before filming.

The post title, of course, is a reference to whatever the heck those things in the Twilight movies were supposed to be. No self-respecting stake would want to be wasted on one of them.

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