Sunday, April 22, 2012

No Toga Yoga?

Ever wonder what Boba Fett would look like doing a "crow" pose in yoga? You need wonder no longer, as an artist has sketched the Star Wars bounty hunter in the bakasana or "crow" position as a part of a series of posters illustrating the different positions using spacemen, zombies and/or pirates.

Since he was also selling the posters, Lucasfilm asked the artist to remove the Star Wars-themed work, but you can see the smaller versions at the link. Sadly, the desist request came before we could see Yoda yoga.

I am curious about how the zombies manage the poses -- since some yoga positions involve some serious folding of the body and its parts, I can't see how the undead just don't simply break at the different fulcrum points. But then I've always been a little unimaginative when it comes to zombies.

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