Friday, May 30, 2014

A Gathering

-- The sequel to the lame Andrew Stanton John Carter would have been awesome, says one of the main reasons the first movie was so lame.

-- Back when the makers of Doctor Who made their 50th anniversary special, they (spoilers!) included a cameo by the actor who played the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. Baker played the character longer than any other actor did (the alien Doctor occasionally "regenerates" into an entirely new body. He does this at about the time the actor playing him decides to move on), and his loooong scarf, curly hair and inquisitive manner were more or less the iconic version of the Doctor until the modern reboot. The cameo was a surprise, and this video that shows various people reacting to Baker's unexpected appearance is almost as much fun as are videos of cute pandas. One of the two young women in the first may have made a trip to the emergency room as her friend excitedly pounds on her arm at the sight of Baker's aged but familiar face.

-- Dracula might get drunk if he drank the blood of a drunk person. You wouldn't.

-- Watch some ballet dancers move in slow motion. Just your everyday, average defying of gravity.

-- The SpaceX company revealed their design for a manned spacecraft. It's probably a good thing they're building one, as the Russians have made noises about maybe not giving U.S. astronauts a ride, and they're the only ones servicing that particular location these days.

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