Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, said some incendiary things at a recent National Rifle Association convention -- mostly because he's Ted Nugent and he's never been one to let prudence or wisdom have much of a vote in what comes out of his mouth. That's OK, because I can listen to his music and ignore the rest.

At the gym today, one of the televisions was tuned to Ed Schultz's show, where he was commenting on Mr. Nugent's remarks. Although I couldn't hear what he was saying (O blessed mute button! Thy form mundane, thy function divine!), I gathered he thought Mr. Nugent was an idiot because of what he said. I don't know if Mr. Nugent has ever ventured an opinion on Mr. Schultz, but I would be willing to bet a couple of bucks that he thinks Mr. Schultz is an idiot too.

Well whattaya know? I agree with both of them! I guess I'm just a pretty get-along kind of guy.


The space shuttle Discovery flew around Washington, D. C. today on the last leg of its journey to the National Air and Space Museum.

Well, actually it was flown around Washington on the back of a 747 -- without its orbital boosters, the shuttle can't leave the ground unless it hitches a ride.

Kind of like the nation that built it.

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